Stapleton Cotton Combermere, viscount, a British soldier, born in Denbighshire, Nov. 17, 1773, died at Clifton, Feb. 21,1865. He entered the army at an early age, and served in India in the war against Tippoo Saib. In 1808 he was sent to the peninsula in command of a brigade of cavalry, and participated in nearly all the great actions, from Talavera to the close of the war. In 1810 he was appointed to the command of the whole allied cavalry under the duke of • Wellington. He was repeatedly thanked by parliament for his services, and upon the conclusion of peace was elevated to the peerage. He was afterward governor of Barbadoes, and commanded the British forces in India from 1822 to 1826. He also distinguished himself at the capture of Bhurtpoor (1826), for which he was made a viscount. In 1834 he was made a privy councillor, and in 1852 succeeded the duke of Wellington as constable of the tower of London and lord lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets. In 1855 he became field marshal.