Stephen Olin, an American clergyman, born in Leicester, Vt., March 3, 1797, died in Mid-dletown, Conn., Aug. 16, 1851. He graduated at Middlebury college, Vt., in 1820, and became a teacher in South Carolina. Entering the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church, he was admitted to the South Carolina conference in 1824, and for two years was stationed in Charleston. In 1827 he was stationed at Athens, Ga., in a supernumerary relation, and in 1829 resumed his itinerant ministry. He was professor of English literature in Franklin college from 1826 to 1832, when he became president of Randolph Macon college. In 1837-'41 he travelled in Europe, Egypt, and Palestine. He was president of the Wesleyan university at Middletown, Conn., from 1842 until his death. He wrote "Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petrsea, and the Holy Land " (2 vols. 8vo, New York, 1843), and "Greece and the Golden Horn " (8vo, 1854). His "Works " appeared in 1852 (2 vols. 12mo), and his "Life and Letters" in 1853 (2 vols. 8vo).