Stonington, a town, borough, and port of entry of New London co., Conn., on Long Island sound, at the S. E. extremity of the state; pop. of the town in 1870, 6,313, of the borough, 1,561. The town is divided into five voting districts, Stonington borough, the villages of Mystic, Mystic Bridge, and Paucatuck, and the "Road." The borough is built on a narrow rocky point extending about half a mile into the sound, and has a good harbor protected by a breakwater. A second breakwater is now building and a third one is projected. Stonington is a favorite place for summer resort, and has a considerable coasting trade and several vessels employed in sealing. It is connected with Providence by the Stonington and Providence railway, with New London by a branch of the same, and with New York by the New York and Stonington steamboat line. Mystic Bridge is a thriving village, chiefly engaged in ship building. There are in the several villages four banks, a savings bank, 14 churches, 16 public schools, three woollen mills, one cotton mill, a large foundery and machine shop, and several other factories, and a weekly newspaper.

On June 30, 1874, its shipping amounted in the aggregate to 119 vessels of 16,978 aggregate tonnage. - The town was settled in 1649, and the borough was incorporated in 1801. On Aug. 9 and 10, 1814, the borough was attacked by the British fleet under Sir Thomas Hardy, but it was compelled by the volunteers.and militia to retire.