Strabo, a Creek geographer, born at Ama-sia, in Pontus, Asia Minor, about 54 B. C, died about A. I). 24. He studied rhetoric under Aristodemus at Nysa in Caria; was a pupil at Amisus in Pontus of Tyrannio the grammarian, and at Seleucia in Cilicia of Xenarchus, a peripatetic philosopher. At Alexandria he studied under Boethus of Sidon, also a peripatetic; and at Tarsus under Athenodorus, a stoic. He travelled in Syria, Egypt, Crete, Greece, and Italy, He wrote "Historical Memoirs," which are lost, and a "Geography." This work, which embodies all the geographical knowledge of the age, is divided into 17 books; the first 2 treat of cosmography, or the description of the earth in general, and the other 15 give accounts of particular countries. Fragments of the 8th and 9th books were discovered in 1875. Among the best editions are those of Casaubon (1597), Kramer (1844-,52), and Meincke (3 vols., 1852; new ed., 1864). There is an English translation by Falconer and Hamilton (3 vols., 1854-7). (See Geography).