Tafilet, Or Tafilelt, a division of Morocco, consisting of the oasis of the same name, lying S. E. of the Atlas mountains, between lat. 30° 45' and 31° 10' N and Ion. 3° 3' and 3° 25' TV.; pop. estimated at 100,000. The oasis of Tissimi lies N. of it, and that of Sahra N. E. Tafilet is a fertile plain watered by two rivers, both of which are lost in the sands of the desert. Rain seldom falls. Wheat and barley are cultivated on the banks of the rivers, but dates are the chief product. Large herds of sheep and goats are kept, and stuffs and carpets are manufactured. There are mines of load and antimony. The oasis is divided into five districts, Sfalet, Rhorfa, Iffli, Shiffa, and Tannajiut. The most important town is Abu-am, about 240 m. E. S. E. of Morocco, but the official centre is Rissani, a few miles N. E. of Abuam. The inhabitants are mostly Shelloohs. A considerable trade is carried on with other parts of Morocco and with Algeria. - Tafilet, which is mentioned by the earliest Arab chroniclers, is probably identical with the kingdom of which Sigilmessa, founded A. D. 759, was the capital.

In 1648 a king of Tafilet founded the dynasty which still rules Morocco.