I. Filippo

Filippo, an Italian ballet master, born in Milan in 1777, died near the lake of Como, Feb. 11, 1871. He was successively connected with the theatres at Stockholm, Cassel, and Warsaw till 1853, when he returned to Italy. The most celebrated of his numerous ballets is the "Sylphide." He married a daughter of the Swedish tragedian Karsten.

II. Maria, A Dancer

A Dancer Maria, daughter of the preceding, born in Stockholm about 1804. In 1822 she first appeared at Vienna, in 1827 at Paris, and in 1832 at Berlin. In the last year she married Count Gilbert de Voisin. She retired in 1847, and has since lived at her villa on the lake of Como, or in one of her palaces at Venice. She gained her greatest triumphs in La bayadere, La Sylphide, and La fille du Danube.

III. Paul

Paul, brother of the preceding, born in Vienna about 1808. After performing with his sister in various theatres, he married the dancer Amalia Galster, with whom he made tours in Europe and the United States. His career as a dancer ended in 1847, when he became ballet master at the royal theatre in Berlin. He has since produced Sardanapal, Undine, and other celebrated ballets. - His daughter Maria, born in Berlin in 1834, excelled as a dancer, but in 1866 retired from the stage, on her marriage with Prince Joseph Windischgratz.