I. A S. W. County Of Virginia

A S. W. County Of Virginia, bordering on West Virginia, and drained by the head streams of Clinch and Holston rivers; area, about 600 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 10,791, of whom 1,598 were colored. Clinch mountain and other ranges traverse it. The soil of the valleys is very fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 38,020 bushels of wheat, 155,133 of Indian corn, 69,189 of oats, 9,675 of potatoes, 19,812 lbs. of wool, 95,175 of butter, and 5,301 tons of hay. There were 2,025 horses, 2,562 milch cows, 8,663 other cattle, 9,539 sheep, and 6,651 swine; 3 tanneries, and 3 wool-carding and cloth-dressing establishments. Capital, Tazewell Court House.

II. A Central County Of Illinois

A Central County Of Illinois, bounded N. W. by the Illinois river, intersected by the Mackinaw, and traversed by several railroads; area, 550 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 27,903. The surface is level, consisting mostly of prairies, and the soil highly fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 204,827 bushels of wheat, 59,027 of rye, 2,062,053 of Indian corn, 505,-841 of oats, 43,210 of barley, 108,984 of potatoes, 29,292 lbs. of wool, 285,323 of butter, and 27,564 tons of hay. There were 10,312 horses, 6,194 milch cows, 10,873 other cattle, 7,591 sheep, and 34,555 swine; 4 manufactories of agricultural implements, 12 of carriages and wagons, 2 of iron castings, 9 of saddlery and harness, 5 of sash, doors, and blinds, 10 flour mills, and 4 distilleries. Capital, Pekin.