I. A Native Tribe Of Siberia

A Native Tribe Of Siberia, inhabiting the E. extremity of the continent of Asia from the 160th meridian to Behring strait. They are apparently akin to the Koriaks, who occupy nearly the same territory, and whose habits and customs are similar. A part of them are settled along the shore, where they support themselves chiefly by killing whales, seals, and walruses; but most of them are nomads, who wander almost constantly with great herds of reindeer, seldom camping more than a week in one place. They are bold, self-reliant, and wholly independent of civilization and government. Their bands are held together only by mutual consent, and have no governing head. In general appearance they are tall, athletic, and vigorous, closely resembling the North American Indians. According to some authorities the Tchuktchis and Koriaks do not number more than 6,000 or 8,000, but the Russian estimates are larger.

II. A Tribe Of The Koniaga Family In Alaska

A Tribe Of The Koniaga Family In Alaska, otherwise called Aglegmutes, who occupy the coast of Bristol bay from the river Nushagak to lat. 56° N. They live in houses made of slabs, built over an excavation, with a low doorway. They are peaceable, given to labor and trade, and are ingenious in carving and other work, but are sunk in vices and extremely filthy.