I. An Isthmus Of Mexico

An Isthmus Of Mexico, lying between the bay of Campeachy on the gulf and the bay of Tehuantepec on the Pacific, and comprising the states of Tabasco and Chiapas and parts of Vera Cruz and Oajaca. Its breadth from bay to bay, at the narrowest place, is 130 m. It is drained by the Coatza-coalcos river, which flows northward, discharging into the bay of Campeachy, and extending three fourths of the width of the isthmus; and by the Tehuantepec river, flowing into the bay of the same name. There arc several lakes and lagoons. At one time it was proposed to construct a ship canal across the isthmus, improving the navigation of the Coat-zacoalcos for a part of the distance, and surveys were made. (See Canal, vol. iii., p. 600).

II. A Town Of The State Of Oajaca

A Town Of The State Of Oajaca, on Tehuantepec river, about 15 m. above its mouth, and 110 m. E. S. E. of Oajaca; pop. about 14,000. The houses are generally of stone. Part of the town is occupied by Indians, who are civilized and industrious. It has salt works and cotton factories, and a considerable pearl fishery in which many of the inhabitants are engaged. Indigo is raised in the vicinity, a purple dye is procured from a shell fish abundant there, and some cochineal is exported. The harbor is shallow, with a dangerous bar at the mouth of the river, and is little frequented.