I. Guillaume Louis, Baron

Baron Guillaume Louis, a French manufacturer, born in Sedan, Oct. 8, 1763, died in St. Ouen, April 2, 1833. When scarcely 16 years old he managed his father's woollen factory, and retrieved the fortune of his family. He was a supporter of reform in 1789, but was one of the king's defenders in 1792. After the fall of Robespierre he established large manufactories at Louviers and Sedan. He naturalized Thibetan goats in Franco, and manufactured shawls in imitation of the Indian ones, known as cachemires-Ternaux. He was made a baron by Louis XVIII.; in 1818 he was elected a deputy; was reelected in 1827, and was one of the 221 deputies whose decided stand against the government brought about the revolution of July, 1830. The commercial crisis which followed ruined him, though he paid all his debts. He published several treatises on finance and manufactures.

II. Henri

Henri, nephew of the preceding, known as Henri Ternaux-Campans, born in Paris in 1807, died there in 1864. He was distinguished for his devotion to the study of American history, and published two series, in 10 vols, each, of Voyages, relations et memoires, from inedited Spanish manuscripts, relating to the discovery and conquest of America (Paris, 1836-'40); Bibli-otheque americaine, 1493-1700 (8vo, 1837); Bibliotheque asiatique et africaine (1841-'2); and various other works. - Mortimer, his brother, born in Paris in 1808, has published La chute de la royaute, 10 (tout 1792 (1864); Le peuple aux Tuileries, 20 juin 1792 (1864); and Histoire de la terreur (1792-'4), from in-edited documents (7 vols. 8vo, 1862-'9).