Theodor Benfey, a German philologist and orientalist, born at Norten, near Gottingen, Jan. 28, 1809. He studied in Gottingen and Heidelberg, and has been since 1834 professor of Sanskrit and comparative philology in the university of Gottingen. He translated the comedies of Terence into German (1837), and received the Volney prize from the academy of Berlin for his Griechisches Wurzellexikon (2 vols., 1839-'42). Among his chief publications are: Die persischen Keilinschriften (Leipsic, 1847); Die Hymnen des Samaveda, with a translation and notes (1848); Vollstandige Grammatik der Sanskritsprache (1852); Chres-tomathie (2 vols., 1853-'4); Kurze Grammatik der Sanskritsprache (1855), an English edition of which was published in Berlin in 1863 under the title of "A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language;" a translation of the Pantcha-tantra (2 vols., 1859), upon which he has since published a commentary, as well as upon other Hindoo poetry, in various periodicals, and in his collection entitled Orient und Occident (2 vols., Gottingen, 1863-4); a Sanskrit-English dictionary (London, 1866); and Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft und orientalisclien Philolo-gie in Deutschland seit dem Anfange des 19. Jahrhunderts (Munich, 1868).