Theodor Von Heuglin, baron, a German traveller, born at Hirschlanden, Wurtemberg, March 20, 1824. He studied natural history and pharmacy, travelled through Europe, and went in 1850 to Egypt, and explored Arabia Petraea and the shores of the lied sea. Having been appointed in 1852 secretary to Dr. Reitz, Austrian consul at Khartoom, he accompanied him to Abyssinia. Reitz having died, Von Heuglin succeeded him as consul, and continued his explorations in the region of the White Nile. In 1856 he visited Greece and the shores of Asia Minor, and in 1860 he took charge of an expedition in search of the traveller Edward Vogel. After searching in the Galla country and parts of Abyssinia, he returned to Khartoom in July, 1862. Early in 1863 he set out with Steudner to reexplore the course of the White Nile. In 1865 he returned to Europe. In 1870-'71 he made an exploration of Spitzbergen and Nova Zembla, the general results of which are given by Spo-rer in Petermann's Mittheilungen for 1873. His works include Reisen in Nordostafrika (Gotha, 1857); Reise nach Abessinien und den Gallalandern (Jena, 1868); Ornithologie Nord-ostafrikas (Cassel, 1868 et seq.); and Reise in das Gebiet der westlichen Zuflasse des Weissen Nil (Leipsic, 1869).