Theodor Von Neuhof, baron, a German adventurer, born about 1686, died in London, Dec. 11, 1756. He was the son of a Westphalian nobleman, studied in Cologne, was compelled to leave that city on account of having killed in a duel a young man of high family, and obtained a lieutenancy in the Spanish army in Africa. He fell into the hands of the Moors, and is believed to have been employed during 18 years as interpreter by the dey of Algiers' In 1735 he led two regiments, chiefly Tunisian! and Algerians, to Corsica to assist that island against Genoa, and ingratiated himself so much with the Corsicans that they elected him king April 15, 1736, under the name of Theodore He He succeeded in securing the alliance of that Netherlands; but the French coming to the as sistance of the Genoese in 1738, the Corsican were again subdued, and Neuhof fled. In 1741 when the French left the island, he in vain en deavored to regain his power, and spent tle remainder of his life in England, where shortly before his death he was released from priso by Walpole, who raised a subscription which enabled him to compromise with his creditor: There are other versions of Neuhofs life an adventures, but the above is most generally credited.

He left a son who assumed the name of Col. Frederick, was in the service of the duke of Würtemberg, published two historical works on Corsica, and shot himself in Westminster abbey, Feb. 1, 1796.