Theodore Tilton, an American author, born in New York, Oct. 2, 1835. He studied at the New York free academy, and in 1856 became a writer for the "Independent," of which he was editor for many years. In 1871 he became editor of the Brooklyn " Union," and in 1872 founded the "Golden Age," which he edited till-1874. In that year he sued the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher on a charge of seducing his wife, but the trial, lasting six months, resulted in a disagreement of the jury. He is also a public lecturer, and has published "The American Board and Slavery" (1860); a "Memorial of Mrs. Browning," prefixed to an edition of her last poems (1862); "The Fly" (1865); " Golden-Haired Gertrude" (1865); "The Two Hungry Kittens " (1865); " The King's Ring " (1866); "The True Church" (1867); "The Sexton's Tale, and Other Poems " (1867); " Sanctum Sanctorum, or Proof-Sheets from an Editor's Table " (1871); " Tempest-Tossed," a novel (1875); and several pamphlets, including a life of Victoria C. Woodhull.