Theroigae De Mericoirt (more properly Marcourt), a French revolutionist, whose real name was Anne Josephe Terwagne, born at Marcourt, Luxemburg, Aug. 13, 1762, died in Paris, June 9, 1817. She was the daughter of a farmer, and was educated at a convent. In 1789 she went to Paris, where she became notorious as the "Amazon of the revolution" and the "handsome Liegeoise." She lived in luxury, gathered around her many conspicuous revolutionists, and appeared with arms in the revolutionary assemblies, in which she spoke with eloquence. In 1790 she was threatened with arrest for participating in violent outbreaks, and fled. Early in 1791 the Austrian authorities arrested her near Liege, and incarcerated her at Kufstein, Tyrol, for alleged conspiracy against Marie Antoinette, and subsequently detained her at Vienna till November. On her return to Paris she became still more popular. In June, 1792, she led a corps of insurgents, and received a civic crown for her courage. Suleau, a journalist, having reviled her, she turned the mob upon him during the outbreak of Aug. 10, 1792, and he was murdered. But when a little later she advocated greater moderation, she was publicly stripped and whipped by infuriated women.

This drove her mad, and for the rest of her life she was in a lunatic asylum. - See Theroigne de Mericourt, dite la telle Liegeoise, by Fuss (Liege, 1854).