Thomas S. Kirkbride, an American physician, born near Morrisville, Bucks co., Pa., July 31, 1809. His ancestors were members of the society of Friends (to which he also belongs), and came to America with William Penn. He received the degree of M. D. from the university of Pennsylvania in March, 1832, and was appointed resident physician of the Friends' lunatic asylum at Frankford, Pa. A year later he was elected resident physician of the Pennsylvania hospital, in which post he continued two years. In October, 1840, he was elected superintendent of the Pennsylvania hospital for the insane, which was opened in January, 1841. He has published " Rules and Regulations of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane "(1850), which has been a text book and guide in the regulations of new hospitals; "On the Construction, Organization, and General Management of Hospitals for the Insane," and "Appeal for the Insane " (1854). He has also been a frequent contributor to the "American Journal of Medical Sciences," and the "American Journal of Insanity." In 1853 he proposed the erection of a new hospital, and the separation of the sexes in two distinct buildings.

To carry out his plan he raised $355,000 in Philadelphia and vicinity; the new hospital was finished in 1859, and Dr. Kirk-bride has since given his personal supervision to the female department.