Thomas Smyth, an American clergyman, born in Belfast, Ireland, June 14, 1808, died in Charleston, S. C, Aug. 20, 1873. He was educated in Belfast and London, and in 1830 entered the theological seminary at Princeton, N. J. From 1832 till his death he was pastor of the second Presbyterian church in Charleston, S. C. Among the numerous works of Dr. Smyth are: " Lectures on. the Prelatical Doctrine of Apostolic Succession " (Boston, 1841); " The Ecclesiastical Catechism " (1841); "Ecclesiastical Republicanism" (1843); "Presbytery and not Prelacy the Scriptural and Primitive Polity " (1843); " Calvin Defended " (Philadelphia, 1844); " The Rite of Confirmation" (1845); "The Name, Nature, and Functions of Ruling Elders" (1845); "The History, Character, and Results of the Westminster Assembly of Divines" (New York, 1847); "The Unity of the Human Races proved to be the Doctrine of Scripture, Reason, and Science" (1850); "Nature and Claims of Young Men's Christian Associations " (Philadelphia, 1857); " Faith the Principle of Missions " (1857); " The Well in the Valley " (1857); and "Obedience the Life of Missions" (1860).