I. A S. W. County Of Georgia

A S. W. County Of Georgia, bordering on Florida, and drained by the Ockloc-konee river and its head streams; area, 920 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 14,523, of whom 8,363 were colored. The surface is level and the soil fertile. The Atlantic and Gulf railroad traverses it. The chief productions in 1870 were 248,618 bushels of Indian corn, 58,962 of oats, 58,187 of sweet potatoes, 6,092 bales of cotton, 24,022 lbs. of wool, and 21,378 of rice. There were 907 horses, 1,026 mules and asses, 3,375 milch cows, 7,631 other cattle, 9,805 sheep, and 14,916 swine. Capital, Thomasville.

II. An Unorganized N. W. County Of Kansas

An Unorganized N. W. County Of Kansas, area, 1,080 sq. m. It is intersected in the northwest by the N. and S. forks of Sappa creek, and contains the sources of Saline river, the N. and S. forks of Solomon river, and Prairie Dog creek. It has a rolling surface and productive soil, well adapted to stock raising.