Throckmorton, a N. W. county of Texas, drained by the Brazos river and its affluents; area, 900 sq. m.; returned as having no population in 1870. The surface is mostly broken and hilly, suited to grazing. In the south, near the Clear fork of the Brazos, is some good farming land.

. THROGMORTON, Sir Nicholas, an English state s-man, born in London about 1513, died there, Feb. 12,1571. He was page to the duke of Richmond till 1536, was afterward sewer to Henry VIII., and headed a troop at the siege of Boulogne. Distinguished in the Scottish campaign under Somerset, he was knighted, received valuable manors, and sat in parliament as member for Northampton. He was present at the death of Edward VI. in 1553, and, though a Protestant and aware of the movement in favor of Lady Jane Grey, favored the accession of Mary. He was arrested in 1554 as an accomplice in Sir Thomas Wyatt's rebellion, conducted his own defence, and was acquitted, but remanded to the tower on the ground that the verdict was contrary to law. He was released in 1555, lived for a time in France, and in 1556 privately visited the princess Elizabeth at Hatfield, after whose accession he was made successively chief butler of England and chamberlain of the exchequer. As ambassador to France from 1559 to 1563, he favored the policy of Cecil, and intrigued to foment the civil religious war.

He was imprisoned in 1569 for favoring a marriage between Mary queen of Scots and the duke of Norfolk, and never regained Elizabeth's confidence.