I. A S. County Of New York

A S. County Of New York, bordering on Pennsylvania, and intersected by the North branch of the Susquehanna river and by several railroads; area, 480 sq. m.; pop. in 1875, 31,744. The surface is very hilly and the soil generally fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 103,955 bushels of wheat, 229,395 of lndian corn, G22,379 of oats, 1G7,G74 of buckwheat, 398,770 of potatoes, 79,432 lbs. of wool, 1,907,767 of butter, and 65,-078 tons of hay. There were 6,402 horses, 16,424 milch cows, 9,393 other cattle, 19,668 sheep, and 6,130 swine; 8 manufactories of agricultural implements, 3 of boots and shoes, 17 of carriages and wagons, 1 of machinery, 1 of pianos, 1 of printing paper, 11 flour mills, 12 tanneries, 35 saw mills, and 9 planing mills. Capital, Owego.

II. A N. County Of Pennsylvania

A N. County Of Pennsylvania, bordering on New York and drained by the Tioga river and its affluents; area, about 1,100 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 35,097. The surface is hilly and heavily timbered, and the soil better adapted to grazing than tillage. Iron ore is found, and bituminous coal is abundant, of which large quantities are transported to Buffalo by the Corning, Cowanesque, and Antrim, and Tioga railroads. The chief productions in 1870 were 163,719 bushels of wheat, 236,313 of Indian corn, 5(54,684 of oats, 116,263 of buckwheat, 282,618 of potatoes, 89,788 lbs. of wool, 145,209 of maple sugar, 1,574,825 of butter, 65,889 of cheese, and 82,572 tons of hay. There were 6,148 horses, 16,017 milch cows, 15,149 other cattle, 32,729 sheep, and 8,331 swine; 3 manufactories of agricultural implements, 28 of carriages and wagons, 7 of cheese, 12 of furniture, 2 of glassware, 1 of woollens, 10 flour mills, 13 tanneries, and 46 saw mills. Capital, Wellsborough.