I. A Government Of Russia

A Government Of Russia, in western Siberia, extending from the Arctic ocean to the Central Asian provinces of Akmo-linsk and Semipolatinsk, separated on the west by the Ural mountains from European Russia, and bounded E. by Yeniseisk and Tomsk; area, 531,964 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,086,848. It is traversed by the Obi and its principal tributaries, and contains extensive lakes. Timber abounds in the south. Its great mineral resources are not yet properly explored. The land on the banks of some of the rivers yields much grain. Fish and game, including fur-bearing animals, are especially plentiful. The transit trade with China is considerable.

II. A City

A City, capital of the government, on the right bank of the Irtish, at the confluence of the Tobol, nearly 1,200 m. E. N. E. of Moscow; pop. in 1867, 20,330. It contains a cathedral and many other churches, several mosques, an episcopal palace, an arsenal, a theatre, and a gymnasium. Inside the citadel is a workhouse for Siberian exiles of the lower classes. The manufactures are unimportant.