Toltecs, Or Tnlhuatecas, a nation of Mexico, who according to Mexican annals appeared in Anahuac in the beginning of the 7th century, led in their wanderings from another continent or country by Tanub. They founded the kingdom of Tula, and were the first civilized and civilizing race. As they increased, capital arose at Colhuacan, Otompan, and Tollan. The Chichimecs, a nation of different origin, entered the country about a century later, and these were followed in time by seven Nahuatl tribes, of the same race as the Toltecs, the Mexicans being the last. Before this the Tol-tec monarchy, rent by civil wars between the clergy and nobles, had fallen in the 11th century; famine and pestilence desolated the country, and many of the survivors emigrated to Guatemala. The rest of the Toltecs were incorporated by the Chichimecs, to whom they imparted their civilization. The emigrants founded in Guatemala a new empire, and the Quiches claimed descent from them, though the names of the later Quiche monarchs show another language than the Toltec. It is usual to refer all that is grand or surprising in Mexico and adjoining parts to the Toltecs; but tradition ascribes to them definitely the use of hieroglyphics, astronomical knowledge and the division of time, agriculture, weaving, stone cutting, and architecture.