Troezen, Or Troezene, one of the oldest cities of ancient Greece, in the Peloponnesus, in a territory named from it Trcezenia, forming the S. E. corner of Argolis. It was founded probably by the Ionians, and according to Homer was subject at the time of the Trojan war to Argos, from which it afterward received a Doric colony. Subsequently it became a pro-mi nent maritime city, founded Halicarnassus and Myndus in Caria, and probably Paestum in Magna Gra3cia, and was conspicuous in the wars with Persia, its harbor being the rendezvous of the Grecian fleet after the sea tight at Artemisium. During the Peloponnesian, Corinthian, and other wars, it adhered to the side of Sparta. After the establishment of the Macedonian rule over Greece it was in the hands of various contending parties, and continued a place of some importance until the time of Pausanias, who describes its publre buildings in detail; but after this period we have no account of its history. The ruins of the ancient city lie near the village of Damala, and consist principally of Hellenic foundations with Frankish or Byzantine superstructures.