Tulpin, Or Tilpin Turpin, archbishop of Rheims, a friend and companion of Charlemagne, died Sept. 2, 800. He was originally a Benedictine monk of the convent of St. Denis, and was made archbishop about 753. His name is prefixed to a Latin chronicle, which relates the expedition of Charlemagne against the Saracens of Spain and the fight of Roncesvalles. Turpin's authorship of the chronicle is disputed, though Pope Calixtus II. in 1122 declared it to be authentic. The work is among the earliest productions relating to the events of Charlemagne's reign, and from it the tales of chivalry of the middle ages were largely taken. It was translated from Latin into French in 1206 by a clerk of Renaud, count of Boulogne. The original was first printed in the collection of Schardius (fol., Frankfort, 1566). The best editions are by Ciampi (Florence, 1822) and by Reiffenberg in Chronique de Philippe MousTces (2 vols., Brussels, 1836). - See Gaston Paris, De PseudoTurpino (Paris, 1865).