Uzbecks, a people of Turkistan, belonging to the Turkish or Tartaric branch of the Turanian race, of which they are the most civilized tribe in that country, and constituting the dominant native population in Khiva, Bokhara, and Khokan. The typical Tartar characteristics of the Kirghiz are modified in the Uzbecks, probably by the introduction of an Aryan element. They are tall, muscular, and well formed, ruddy in complexion, with broad noses flattened at the end, receding foreheads, and but little beard. Although many of the Uzbecks still live as nomads, the larger number belong to the class known as Sarts or settled inhabitants of Turkistan, and dwell in or about the principal towns, where their military, official, and social influence has induced many persons of different race to assume their name. The population, according to a Russian estimate, numbers 1,500,000 persons. In the time of Timour, about the end of the 14th century, the Uzbecks dwelt N. of the Jaxartes, whence they subsequently overran Bokhara. The purest specimens of the people are met with in Khokan. They are bigoted Mohammedans.