I. The Extreme N. W. County Of Ohio

The Extreme N. W. County Of Ohio, bordering on Indiana and Michigan, and intersected by the St. Joseph's and Tiffin rivers; area, 600 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 20,991. The surface is generally undulating and the soil fertile. The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad traverses it. The chief productions in 1870 were 309,099 bushels of wheat, 317,760 of Indian corn, 234,225 of oats, 89,792 of potatoes, 571,752 lbs. of butter, 144,635 of wool, and 30,216 tons of hay. There were 6,761 horses, 6,682 milch cows, 8,257 other cattle, 39,779 sheep, and 17,718 swine; 2 manufactories of agricultural implements, 10 of carriages and wagons, 5 tanneries, 4 currying establishments, 1 flour mill, 17 saw mills, and 4 woollen mills. Capital, Bryan.

II. A N. W. County Of Dakota

A N. W. County Of Dakota, bounded N. E. by the Missouri, not included in the census of 1870; area, about 2,500 sq. m. It is intersected by the Big Knife and Little Missouri rivers. The surface is chiefly rolling prairie.