Zebulun, the tenth son of Jacob, the sixth and last by Leah. Of the patriarch Zebulun nothing is known. In the division of territory after the conquest of Palestine, the tribe received an early allotment, reaching according to Josephus from the lake of Gennesaret on the east to Carmel and the Mediterranean. This district included the fisheries of the lake of Galilee, the fertile plain of the Buttauf, and numerous mountain passes valuable for defence. Tabor was on its S. border, and Nazareth, Cana, and Tiberias were within its limits. Zebulun emerges from the general obscurity of the northern tribes during the struggle with Sisera, when it fought bravely side by side with Naphtali; it sent 50,000 warriors to attend David's inauguration at Hebron; it was carried off to Assyria, and after the return from the captivity came in large numbers to Jerusalem to keep the passover of Hezekiah. The tribe was both agricultural and warlike, and from its ports on the Mediterranean seems to have carried on commerce with the Phoenicians.