Alexandre Gabriel Decamps

Alexandre Gabriel Decamps, a French painter, born in Paris, March 3, 1803, died at Fontaine-bleau, Aug. 22, 1860. In early life he visited Turkey, and afterward executed a great number of pictures of oriental scenery and characteristics. He gained a high reputation by these works, as well as by his pictures of animals, especially monkeys. One of them, "The Monkey Connoisseurs," is intended as a satire on the jury of the Paris academy of painting, on account of the severe criticisms passed upon his works. Among his best historical pictures are "Joseph sold by his Brethren" and the "Defeat of the Cimbri." His style of painting was bold and original, his coloring brilliant, and he was especially happy in presenting strong contrasts in a humorous and picturesque manner. He gave an interesting account of his boyhood and his early studies in a letter addressed to Veron, who published it in his Memoires d'un bourgeois de Paris.

Alexandre Gui Pingre

Alexandre Gui Pingre, a French astronomer, born in Paris, Sept. 4, 1711, died in 1796. He was educated at a convent school in Senlis, and became a teacher of theology; but having embraced Jansenistic opinions, he devoted himself to astronomy. He published from 1754 to 1757, under the name of Mat du del, a valuable nautical calendar; and after verifying La Oaille's table of modern eclipses in the Art de verifier les dates, he computed the similar phenomena that had occurred in the ten centuries preceding our era. From 1760 to 1776 he made scientific voyages to observe transits of stars, and to ascertain the value of Berthoud and Leroy's timepieces. In 1783 he published his Oometographie, ou traite historique des cometes (2 vols. 4to). He calculated the orbits of 24 comets. He translated the Astronomica of Manilius (1786).

Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent Du Chatelet

Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent Du Chatelet, a French physician, born in Paris, Sept. 29, 1790, died there, March 7, 1836. Admitted to the practice of medicine in 1814, he made public hygiene his specialty, and published several works, the more important of which are: Essai 8ur les cloaques ou egouts de la mile de Paris (1824), and De la prostitution dans la rille de Paris (2 vols., 1836).

Alexandre Joseph Oliva

Alexandre Joseph Oliva, a French sculptor, born at Saillagouse, department of Pyrenees-Orientales, about 1824. He was a private in the army when his artistic talent attracted attention, and he went to Paris to study painting under Delestre. At the same time he modelled busts, which became celebrated, the finest being those of the abbe Deguerry (1855), Bishop Gerbet and Father Ventura (1857), Francois Arago and Richard Cobden for the museum of Versailles, Cherubini (1804), the empress Eugénie (1870), Colbert and St. Vincent de Paul (1872), and Baron Silbcrt (1874). He has also executed many statues, the most celebrated being that of the abbe Deguerry in the Madeleine (1873), and in 1874 he made one of the prince of Asturias, now king of Spain.