Alexis Paulin Paris

Alexis Paulin Paris, a French author, born at Avenay, department of Marne, March 25,1800. He early went to Paris, translated Byron's works and Moore's memoirs (15 vols., 1827-'32), was employed in the royal library, of which he became one of the directors, and was elected to the academy of inscriptions and belles-lettres. A chair of mediaeval philology and literature was established for him at the college de France in 1853. He has edited Les grandes chroniques de St. Denis (6 vols., 1836-'8), Historiettes de Tallemant des Reaux (in conjunction with Monmerque, 9 vols., 3d ed„, 1860), Les romans de la table ronde (1868 et seq.), and other works. He is a member of the commission to continue the Histoire litteraire de France. - His son Gaston has published several works on the French grammar, and received the Gobert prize for his Histoire poetique de Charlemagne (1866).

Alexis Saint Martin

See Beaumont, William.

Alexis Soyer

Alexis Soyer, a French cook, born about 1800, died in England, Aug. 5, 1858. For several years anterior to 1850 he was chief cook at the Reform club, London. During the Crimean war he introduced among the troops at Constantinople an intelligent system of cooking. He published " Cookery for the People," Delassements culinaires (8vo, London, 1845), "Gastronomic Regenerator " (1847), "The Modern Housewife" (1849), etc.

Alfide Hyaeinthe Du Bois De Bealchesne

Alfide Hyaeinthe du Bois de Bealchesne, a French author, born at Lorient, March 81, 1804. He belongs to an ancient Breton family, became in 1825 prominently connected with the department of tine arts, and in 1827 with the court of Charles X. Since 1853 he has been connected with the archives, which enabled him to collect materials for his principal work, Louis XVII., sa vie, son agonie et sa mort (2 vols., 1852; 4th ed., 1866), and which with the sequel, Vie de Mine, Elisabeth and Le livre des jeunes meres, poems (185S; 2d ed., 1860), received a prize from the academy. He is also the author of Souvenirspoetiques (1830; 3d ed., 1834), etc.

Alfonso Rodriguez

Alfonso Rodriguez, a Spanish religious author, born in Valladolid in 1526, died in Seville, Feb. 21, 1616. He received his degree of doctor of philosophy at the university of Salamanca in 1545, and soon afterward entered the society of Jesus. After teaching for several years at Salamanca, he was appointed rector of the college of Monterey and professor of moral theology, which post he held for 12 years, his fame as a teacher bringing him pupils from every part of the country. He was afterward master of novices at Valladolid and Montilla for 30 years. His "Practice of Christian Perfection" (4to, Seville, 1640) has been translated into all the European languages.

Alfred Billings Street

Alfred Billings Street, an American poet, born in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1811. A lawyer by profession, in 1839 he settled in Albany, where for a number of years he was state librarian. He has published "The Burning of Schenectady, and other Poems" (1842); "Drawings and Tintings," poems (1844); collected poems (1846); "Frontenac," his longest poem (1849); " The Council of Revision," containing the vetoes of the council, a history of the courts of New York, and biographical sketches of governors and judges from 1777 to 1821 (8vo, 1860); "Woods and Waters, or the Saranacs and Racket," a description of a tour in the great northern wilderness of New York (1860); " Forest Pictures in the Adirondacks " (1864); and "The Indian Pass" (1869).