Alfred Emilien De Meiwerkerke

Alfred Emilien De Meiwerkerke, count, a French sculptor, born in Paris, April 16, 1811. He belongs to a noble family of Dutch origin, and studied the fine arts in the great collections of European artists. His equestrian statue of William the Silent, exhibited in 1843, was purchased, by the king of Holland, and is in the Hague; as is his subsequent and superior statue of Descartes, of which he executed a duplicate for the city of Tours. Among his later works is an equestrian statue of Napoleon I. In 1853 he became a member of the institute, and Napoleon III. created for him the office of superintendent of fine arts, which he retained till Jan. 2, 1870, when a ministry was created for that department. He however remained in charge of the museums till the establishment of the republic, Sept. 4, 1870. He has shown much zeal in promoting art; but his success is in a measure due to his great fortune, rank, and high connections.

Alfred Jaell

Alfred Jaell, a German pianist, born in Trieste, March 5,1832. His father was a violinist, and gave him his first instruction. At 11 years of age he was able to undertake a concert tour, appearing first in Italy and afterward in France. In 1848 he came to America, and during a residence of several years in the United States obtained much reputation. Returning to Europe, he passed his time in concert giving in Germany, Russia, France, and Holland, and was appointed pianist to the king of Hanover. His compositions for piano number about 140, and are of considerable merit, consisting mainly of operatic transcriptions. Although he possesses great executive power and brilliancy, he is esteemed a player of the second order.

Alfred Lee

Alfred Lee, an American clergyman, bishop of the Protestant Episcopal church in Delaware, born in Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 9, 1807. He graduated at Harvard college in 1827, studied law, and practised for a time, but subsequently studied for the ministry in the general theological seminary in New York, He became rector of the Episcopal church at Rockdale, Del., in 1838. He was consecrated bishop of Delaware in October, 1841, and became rector of St. Andrew's church, Wilmington, where he still resides. He is the author of a " Life of the Apostle Peter, in a Series of Practical Discourses" (12mo, New York, 1852; London, 1853); "Life of St. John" (1854); "Treatise on Baptism" (1854); "Memoir of Miss Susan Allibone" (1856); and "Harbinger of Christ" (1857). He has received the honorary degree of S. T. D. from Trinity college, Hartford.

Alfred Mezieres

Alfred Mezieres, a French author, born at Rehon, department of the Moselle, Nov. 19, 1826. Like his father, Louis Mezieres (born in Paris, Nov. 28, 1793), he has distinguished himself by his writings on English and Italian literature, and he has been since 1864 professor of foreign literature at the Sorbonne. On Jan. 29, 1874, he was elected to the French academy. His Predecesseurs et contemporaines de Shakespeare obtained a Montyon prize in 1864, and his Petrarque, written from new documents, received one in 1868. In 1873 appeared his Goethe, les ceuvres expliquees par la vie: Dernieres annees.