August Blanche

August Blanche, a Swedish poet, born in 1811, died in Stockholm, Nov. 30, 1868. He began life as a lawyer, and about 1846 devoted himself to literature, producing comedies, dramas, and novels, and editing the lllmtrerad Tidning. He was a member of the Swedish diet, in which he was noted for eloquence and zeal for reform. A complete edition of his works was published in 1868.

August Friedrich Ernst Langbein

August Friedrich Ernst Langbein, a German author, born near Dresden, Sept. 6, 1757, died in Berlin, Jan. 2, 1835. He studied law, filled various public offices, and from 1820 till his death was censor of belles-lettres publications for the Prussian government. His complete works were published in 31 vols. (Stuttgart, 1835-'7), and comprise humorous poems, tales, and novels, some of which have been very popular. An edition in 8 vols. was published with a memoir by Godicke in 1839, and a new edition appeared in 1854.

August Friedricii Eberhard

August Friedricii Eberhard, prince of Wiirtemberg, uncle of King Charles I., a Prussian general of cavalry, born Jan. 24, 1813. He entered the Prussian service in 1830, became in 1858 commanding general of the Prussian guards, and took part in the wars against Austria (1866) and France (1870), favorable mention of his name being made in the reports of the battles of Gravelotte and Sedan.

August Hein-Rich Hoffmann Von Fallersleben

August Hein-Rich Hoffmann Von Fallersleben, a German poet, born at Fallersleben, Hanover, April 2, 1798, died at the palace of Korvei, near Hoxter, Jan. 21, 1874. He intended to study theology, but the brothers Grimm directed, his attention to German philology and literature, to which he zealously devoted himself, He was keeper of the university library at Bres-lau from 1823 to 1838, and professor of the German language and literature from 1830 to 1842, when he was suspended for political reasons, and for one year was not allowed to live in Prussia. In 1854 he settled at Weimar, and in 1860 became librarian of the duke of Ratibor and prince of Korvei. The latter part of his life was devoted to the publication of his autobiography (Mein Leben, 6 vols., 1862-'8).

His works, archaeological, historical, poetical, and miscellaneous, are numerous, and his popular songs acquired great celebrity, chiefly from their witty and liberal character.

August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach

August Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach, a German botanist, born in Hanover, April 17, 1814. He studied in Gottingen and Berlin, and became in 1837 adjunct and in 1847 regular professor of botany in the university of Gottingen. He published Reise durch Rumelien und nach Brussa im Jahre 1839 (2 vols., Gottingen, 1841); and among his many botanical works is Die Vegetation der Erde nach ihrer klimati-schen Anordnung: ein Abriss der vergleichenden Geographie der Pflanzen (2 vols., with a map, Leipsic, 1872). The author in this work gives a geographical description of plants in relation to the physical history of the earth.