Barnwell, a S. W. county of South Carolina, bounded on the N. E. by the Edisto river, and separated from Georgia on the S. W. by the Savannah; area, 1,550 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 85,724, of whom 22,146 were colored. Its S. portion is watered by the Big and Little Salkehatchie rivers. The surface is hilly, and the soil productive near the rivers. The chief productions in 1870 were 59,379 bushels of wheat, 781,054 of Indian corn, 70,106 of oats, 131,371 of peas and beans, 227,566 of sweet potatoes, 360,240 gallons of molasses, 24,910 bales of cotton, and 1,544,784 lbs. of rice. Capital, Barnwell Court House.


Baroach. See Broach.

Baroccio, Or Baroiii, Fiori Federigo

Baroccio, Or Baroiii, Fiori Federigo, an Italian painter, born at Urbinoin 1528, died there, Sept. 31, 1612. In his youth he studied the works of Titian, and in 1549 went to Rome to see those of Raphael. In 1560 he was intrusted by Pius IV. with the decoration of the Belvedere palace, and some of the Roman painters, envious of his genius, invited him to a banquet, where they gave him poison. For four years he was not able to touch his pencil, and afterward could only work two hours a day. His later pictures are in the style of Correggio. His "Last Supper," "Descent from the Cross," "St. Francis stigmatized," "Christ and Magdalen," and "Annunciation" are among his best productions.

Baron Am Feme

Baron Am Feme, the Norman-French term used to signify man and wife in the early English law writers. (See Husband and Wife).

Baron Heathfield George Augustus Eliott

Baron Heathfield George Augustus Eliott, a British general, born at Stobbs, Roxburghshire, Scotland, in 1718, died in Aix-la-Chapelle in July, 1790. He was educated at the university of Leyden, and subsequently studied the art of war in the school of artillery at La Fere. He entered the British army in 1735, distinguished himself at Dettingen and in other actions in Germany and the Netherlands, obtained the rank of lieutenant general, and in 1775 was appointed governor of Gibraltar, which he successfully defended for more than three years against the combined French and Spanish forces. On his return to England he received the thanks of both houses of parliament, and was made a knight of the bath by George III.; and in 1787 he was raised to the peerage as Baron Heathfield of Gibraltar.

Baron Stein Karl

See Altenstein.

Baron Triojieti Henri De

Baron Triojieti Henri De, a French sculptor, born at Conflans in 1802, died in Paris in May, 1874. His earliest works consisted of genre and historical paintings, but in 1831 he exhibited a fine group of " The Death of Charles the Bold," and henceforth devoted himself to sculpture. His works include " Petrarch reading his Poetry to Laura," " Sir Thomas More preparing to die," "Dante in the Elysian Fields," and many busts and bass reliefs.

Baroness Huls-Hoff Annette Elisabeth Droste

Baroness Huls-Hoff Annette Elisabeth Droste, a German lyrical poetess, born near Mun-ster, Jan. 12,1798, died in a villa near the lake of Constance, May 24,1848. Her health was bad, and her whole life was devoted to religion, study, and poetry. She left many compositions, of which Das geistliclie Jahr, nebst einem An-hang religioser Gedichte, appeared in 1852.