Battle, a market town of Sussex, England, 56 m. by rail S. E. of London, and 7 m. from Hastings, named from the battle of Hastings, between William the Conqueror and King Harold II., which was fought near the town, Oct. 14, 1066. On the spot where Harold's banner had been planted, William founded a great abbey, the magnificent gateway of which still remains. There are extensive mills for the manufacture of gunpowder in the vicinity of Battle.

Battle Creek

Battle Creek, a city of Calhoun county, Michigan, at the junction of Battle creek with the Kalamazoo river, 120 m. W. of Detroit, on the Michigan Central and the Peninsula railroads; pop. in 1870, 5,838. It is in the vicinity of quarries of superior sandstone, and contains a number of woollen factories, flour mills, saw mills, machine shops, 4 grammar and 19 primary schools, and several churches. Five newspapers and periodicals are published here.

Battle Of Chickasaw Bayou

Battle Of Chickasaw Bayou, fought near Vicksburg, Miss., Dec. 29, '1862. Gen. Sherman, who was besieging Vicksburg, finding the city unassailable in front, endeavored to attack it in the rear. He sent a strong force 10 m. up the Yazoo river, which was to land and march down from the north. In the way of this march was the Chickasaw bayou, setting out from the Yazoo, bordered by a broad miry swamp, almost impassable, and guarded by batteries and rifle pits. These were held in such force that all attempts to cross the bayou failed, and the enterprise was abandoned, having cost 192 killed, 982 wounded, and 756 missing. The confederate loss was insignificant.

Battle Of Coulmiers

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Battle Of Malvern Hill

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Battle Of Manassas Junction

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Battle Of Muhldokf

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Battle Of Pittsburgh Lammm

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Battle Of Plassey

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Battle Of Seven Pines

See Chickahominy, vol. iv., p. 411.

Battle Of Stone River

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Battle Of The Moskva

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Battle Of. See Chickahominy Hanover Court House

Battle Of. See Chickahominy Hanover Court House, VOl; iv., p. 411.

Battles At Spottsylvania Court House

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Battles Of Cold Harbor

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Baucis, in mythology, a Phrygian woman, who, with her husband Philemon, entertained Jupiter and Mercury when they, while travelling in disguise, had been refused hospitality throughout their route. A deluge destroyed the inhospitable people, but Baucis and Philemon were saved. At their request the gods transformed their cottage into a temple, in which they could act as priest and priestess. They expressed a desire to die together, and Jupiter changed them into trees.


Bauge, a French town, department of Maine-et-Loire, 23 m. E. N. E. of Angers; pop. in 1866, 3,562. This town is celebrated in history for a battle fought between the English and the French in 1421, in which the former were totally defeated and their leader, the duke of Clarence, was killed. Near this town, at Bauge-le-Viel, are the ruins of an old castle that formerly belonged to the dukes of Anjou.


Baumannshohle, a cave in the Hartz, in the duchy of Brunswick, on the left bank of the Bode, about 5 m. from Blankenburg. It is a cavity in a limestone mountain, divided into six principal apartments and several smaller ones, which are all profusely studded with stalactites. Fossil bones of the great cave bear and other animals are found here. It was named from a miner who discovered it in 1672.