Binary Arithmetic

Binary Arithmetic. See Arithmetic.


Bindrabund, a town of Hindostan, in the British district of Muttra, Northwestern Provinces, on the W. bank of the Jumna, about 35 m. N. W. of Agra; pop. 20,000. It is a place of resort for Hindoo pilgrims, who hold it in veneration as the residence of the god Krishna during his youth. It contains a number of temples, and the river for about a mile is lined with red stone steps, where the devotees perform their ablutions.

Bine Vitriol

See Copper, vol. v., p. 319.


Binghamton, a city and the capital of Broome county, N. Y., situated at the junction of the Chenango and Susquehanna rivers, about 8 m. from the Pennsylvania boundary, and 118 m. W. S. W. of Albany; pop. in 1870, 12,962. It is on the Erie railway, at the terminus of the Albany and Susquehanna, Syracuse and Binghamton, and Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western railroads, and also on the Chenango canal. It is handsomely laid out; is well supplied with water power by the Chenango river; has numerous manufactures and an extensive flour and lumber trade; and contains 15 schools, 11 churches, 2 newspaper offices, and several banks. The state inebriate asylum is located here. Binghamton was settled in 1787 by William Bingham of Philadelphia, and incorporated as a city in 1867.

Bingtang, Or Binting

Bingtang, Or Binting, an island of the Rhio-Linga group, in the Malay archipelago. Mt. Bingtang, its highest peak, 1,368 ft. high, is in lat. 1° 4' N., lon 104° 28' E. Rhio, the Dutch free port, is in lat. 1° 54' N., lon. 104° 26' E. Area of the island, about 450 sq. m; pop., with Rhio, situated on Tanjong Pinang, an adjoining islet, about 20,000. Iron and tin are found, but not extensively mined. The gam-bier plant (uncaria gambler), which produces terra japonica, is the chief product of the island. A large number of gambier plantations, yielding about 4,000 tons a year, are cultivated by Chinese colonists, who raise black pepper at the same time. Other productions are cocoa-nuts, durian fruit, much prized by the natives, caoutchouc, gutta percha, and damar. The native Malays are outnumbered by the Chinese. The island is subject to the sultan of Johore, on the peninsula.


Binnacle (formerly spelled bittacle; Fr. ha-bitacle, a little habitation), a case or box in which the compass and lights are kept on board ship. It is sometimes divided into three compartments, the two sides containing a compass, and the middle division a lamp. In order that the needle may not be aftected, the binnacle is put together without nails or any iron work. On board iron steamers, it is an object of the first importance to isolate the binnacle as completely as possible.


Biobio, a river of Chili, which rises in Lake Huchueltui, about lat. 38° S., lon. 71° W., and flows N. W. through the provinces of Arauco and Concepcion, partly separating them. It receives several mountain streams and small rivers, and after a course of 180 m. falls into the Pacific at the city of Concepcion, through a channel 1 3/4 m. wide, with a bar which impedes the entrance of large vessels. It is navigated most of the year by small craft and barges to Nacimiento, 80 m. from its mouth, and in most parts is very picturesque. The Bio-bio, called by the aborigines Biu-biu (double string), or Butanleuvu (great river), was the scene of Valdivia's first onslaught against the Araucanians, and of numerous battles during the wars of conquest and of independence.