Blackwell's Island

Blackwell's Island, the site of several of the charitable and penal institutions of the city of New York. It lies in the East river, Opposite the city from 60th to 84th street, is 1 3/4 in. long and 1/8 m. wide, and is included in the l9th ward. (See NEW York).


Bladen, a S. E. county of North Carolina, bounded N. E. by South river, and intersected by the Cape Fear; area, about 800 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 12,831, of whom 6,102 were colored. The surface is generally level, and diversified by a number of small lakes. Much of the land is occupied by extensive pine forests. The chief productions in 1870 were 86,986 bushels of Indian corn, 68,123 of sweet potatoes, 146 bales of cotton, and 38,187 lbs. of rice. There were 478 horses, 2,380 milch cows, 4,700 other cattle, 4,398 sheep, and 11,526 swine. Capital, Elizabethtown.


Bladensbirg, a town of Prince George's county, Maryland, on the east branch of the Potomac, about 6 m. N. E. of Washington; pop. in 1870, 410. At the bridge over the Potomac W. of Bladensburg, the battle with the English preceding the capture of Washington by Cockburn and Ross took place, Aug. 24, 1814.


Blagovieshtchensk, a town of Asiatic Russia, capital of the province of the Amoor, situated on the Amoor and the Dzega, not far from the Chinese town of Aigoon; pop. 3,107. It was founded in 1858.


Blair, a S. central county of Pennsylvania, drained by Clover creek, the Little Juniata, and one of its branches; area, 650 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 88,051. The surface is very rugged and nearly half of the land is unfit for cultivation. The Alleghany mountains form the western boundary; Dunning's and Brush mountains traverse the interior; and in the eastern part of the county rises Tussey's mountain. Between these ridges lie fertile and highly cultivated valleys. Bituminous coal and iron are found. The Pennsylvania Central railroad and branches and the Pennsylvania canal traverse the county. The chief productions in 1870 were 269,619 bushels of wheat 64,889 of rye, 889,922 of Indian corn, 260 348 of oats, 20,677 tons of hay, and 294,879 lbs. of butter. There were 4,322 horses, 4,242 milch cows, 6,006 other cattle, 8,372 sheep, and 6,781 swine. Capital, Hollidaysburg.


Blairsville, a post borough of Indiana county, Penn., situated on the Conemaugh river and Pennsylvania canal, 36 m. E. of Pittsburgh, and about 3 m. from the Central railroad, with which it is connected by a branch; pop. in 1870, 1,054. It is the shipping point of nearly all the grain, pork, lumber, and coal exported from the county. There is a handsome bridge across the Conemaugh, with a single arch of 295 ft.


Blanco, a S. central county of Texas, watered by the Pedernales and San Marcos rivers; area, 727 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,187, of whom 44 were colored. The surface is chiefly prairie. The chief productions in 1870 were 1,391 bushels of wheat, 42,830 of Indian corn, 2,215 of sweet potatoes, 233 bales of cotton, and 6,178 lbs. of wool. There were 2,074 horses, 1,367 milch cows, 9,455 other cattle, 3,295 sheep, and 4,194 swine. Capital, Blanco.