Boothia Felix

Boothia Felix, a peninsula forming the most northerly part of the .North American continent, between lat. 69° and 75° N., and Ion. 92° and 97° W. It is connected with the mainland by the isthmus of Boothia. It was discovered by Capt. James Ross, and named by him in honor of Sir Felix Booth. Ross here determined the position of the magnetic pole.

Boothia Gulf

Boothia Gulf, a continuation to the southward of Prince Regent inlet, in British America. It separates Boothia Felix from Cockburn island and Melville peninsula, and is about 310 m. long and from 60 to 100 m. broad.


Boothuk, a fortified village of Afghanistan, 12 m. E. of Cabool, and at the commencement of a series of defiles between that place and Jelalabad. Here the Afghans made an attack upon the British army in January, 1842, during the disastrous retreat from Cabool, and literally annihilated it. The pass of Boothauk is 5 m. long, and in its narrowest parts, where it is but 50 ft. wide, is hemmed in by perpendicular cliffs 500 ft. high.


Booton, an island in the eastern archipelago, S. E. of Celebes, lat. 5° S., Ion. 123° E., about 85 m. long by 20 m. wide. It is governed by its own prince; the inhabitants are Mohammedans. The island is mountainous and woody, but portions are well cultivated. There is a bay on the E. side of the island, into which in calm weather vessels are liable to be drawn by the current, which is so strong that once fairly in, it is said, they can only escape in the western monsoon. The Dutch East India company formerly maintained a settlement here.

Boppard, Or Boppart (Anc. Bandobrica Or Bontobrica)

Boppard, Or Boppart (Anc. Bandobrica Or Bontobrica), a walled town of Rhenish Prussia, on the left bank of the Rhine, 9 m. S. of Cob-lentz; pop. in 1871, 4,977. It owed its origin to a fort supposed to have been built by Dru-sus. Its streets are narrow and antiquated, and it contains two fine Gothic churches and two hydropathic establishments, one of which occupies the former abbey of Marienberg. The town has some trade and manufactories of cotton, tobacco, and leather.



Boracic Acid

See Boric Acid.

Boracite, Or Borazite

Boracite, Or Borazite, a mineral occurring in crystals imbedded in gypsum and anhydrite in Hanover, Holstein, and France; also impure in the salt mines of Stassfurt. It was formerly supposed to be composed of magnesium borate, but recent analyses have shown that it also contains chlorine. According to Potyka, a fair average sample has the following constitution:


. 26.19

Oxide of iron......................___

. 1.66

Boric acid....

. 61.19

Chloride of magnesium........

. 10.41