Borgerhout, a town of Belgium, in the province and 3 m. E. of Antwerp; pop. in 1866, 10,787. It is well built, and has bleaching and dyeing works, and manufactures of woollen goods and tobacco.


Borgomanero, a walled town of Piedmont, Italy, in the province and 20 m. N. N. W. of the city of Novara, beautifully situated near the Agogna and on the road to Lakes Orta and Maggiore; pop. about 7,000. The town contains several churches, convents, and other public buildings, and manufactories of silk and several other articles.

Borgoo I

A kingdom in the interior of Africa, bounded N. by Goorma, E. by the Niger, S. by Yoruba, and W. by Dagomba. It is generally a level country, though crossed by a range of mountains. The soil is fertile and well cultivated, and produces corn, yams, plantains, and limes. Game is found in abundance. The people are good-natured, and tolerably honest and thrifty. Borgoo is divided into the states of Boossa, Wawa, Kiama, and others, and is crossed by a caravan route over which there is considerable traffic. Boossa, which holds the first rank among the states, was the scene of the murder of Mungo Park. II. Another kingdom in the interior of Africa, about 400 m. N. E. of Lake Tchad. It is a mountainous region, and is said to be fertile and healthy. It has never been explored by Europeans. An unsuccessful attempt was made to reach it by Barth and Overweg in 1851.


Borisoglebsk, a town of Russia, in the government and 90 m. S. by E. of Tambov, on the Vorona, a tributary of the Don; pop. in 1867, 12,254. It has an important fair, manufactures of various kinds, and a large establishment for the melting of tallow.

Air Compressor.

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Ingersoll Drill.

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Wood's Drill.

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Diamond Drill.

Fig. 21. - Diamond Drill.

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Borisov, a town of Russia, on the Beresina, in the government and 44 m. N. E. of Minsk; pop. in 1867, 5,233. Near the adjacent village of Studienka the Beresina was crossed by the French army, Nov. 26 and 27, 1812. (See Be-Resina).


Borna, a town of Germany, in the kingdom of Saxony, on the Wyhra, 16 m. S. S. E. of Leipsic; pop. in 1871, 5,751. It has an old Gothic church, and the ruins of an ancient castle, which was destroyed by the Hussites in 1430. The town has a considerable industry.