Casa Santa

Casa Santa. See Loreto.


Casacalenda, a town of S. Italy, in the province and 18 m. N. E. of Campobasso; pop. about 6,000. It contains several churches, one of which is noted for its Tuscan architecture, and a convent. Wine and excellent fruit are largely produced in the surrounding country, and silkworms are reared. Some authorities identify its site with that of the ancient Oalela, in the territory of Larinum, where, according to Polybius, Minucius was encamped at a distance of about 16 stadia from the headquarters of Hannibal at Geranium.


Casal-Maggiore, a town of Italy, on the Po, in the province and 22 m. S. E. of Cremona; pop. about 4,500. Tanneries, and the manufacture of glass, pottery, and cream of tartar, are carried on. The town has a superior school, a hospital, orphan asylum, and theatre. A victory was achieved here by Sforza over the Venetians in 1448.


Casal-Pisterlengo, a town of Italy, in the province and 30 m. S. E. of Milan, on the Brembiolo; pop. about 5,500. It is the seat of several public offices, has a church and sanctuary, manufactures of silk, linen, and earthenware, and an extensive trade in cheese.


Casale, a city of Italy, capital of a district in the province of Alessandria, on the right bank of the Po, 38 m. E. N. E. of Turin, near the site of the ancient Sedula; pop. in 1871, 25,714. The citadel, founded in 1590, was one of the strongest in Italy; and after the campaign against Austria in 1849 the defences, which had fallen into decay, were rebuilt and enlarged. It was the capital of the ancient marquisate of Montferrat, and has sustained several sieges, and frequently changed its masters. It is the seat of a bishop and of a district court of justice, and has a cathedral, founded in 742, a theatre, and a royal college. The church of San Domenico, containing a tomb in memory of the princes Palnsologi, is remarkable for the elegance of its design, and several line works of art are found in other churches. Among the prominent articles of trade are silk, hemp, fruit, and wine.


Casamanza, a river of Senegambia, rises in the mountains S. of Barraconda, and after a course of 200 m. falls into the Atlantic, about 56 m. S. of the Gambia. Its lower course has been since 1860 within French territory. The French fort of Carabane is situated at its mouth.


Casban. See Kashan.

Cascade Range

Cascade Range, a chain of mountains in the W. part of Washington and Oregon, forming a continuation of the coast range of California. It lies about 100 m. from the Pacific, and runs nearly N. and S. Its highest summits are Mt. Ranier, 14,444 ft., and Mt. Baker, 10,760 ft,, in Washington. Mts. Pitt, Jefferson, and Hood are notable peaks of this range in Oregon. The name of the chain is derived from the cascades of the Columbia, which are formed where that river breaks through the Cascade range.