Chenango River

Chenango River rises in Oneida co., N. Y., flows S. S. W. through Madison and Chenango cos., and empties into the Susquehanna in Broome co., near the Pennsylvania border. Its whole length is about 90 m.


Chepstow, a market town of Monmouthshire, England, on the Wye, and on the railway from Gloucester to Milford Haven, 12 m. S. of Monmouth; pop. in 1871, 6,770. It contains an ancient church, formerly belonging to the Benedictine priory, recently restored to its former splendor, a Catholic and several dissenting chapels, and a castle founded in the 11th century by William Fitzosborne, earl of Hereford, rebuilt in the 13th, and still a magnificent pile. On account of the narrowness of the channel here, the tide sometimes rises, it is said, 70 ft., frequently more than 50. The town possesses a large trade in timber, coals, millstones, and iron. There are no manufactures, but ship building is carried on to some extent.

Castle of Chepstow.

Castle of Chepstow.


Cherasco, a town of Italy, in the province of Cuneo, situated on an elevation near the junction of the Stura and Tanaro rivers, 18 m. N. of Mondovi; pop. about 9,000. It contains a college, several palaces, conspicuous triumphal arches, and seven churches, of which that of the Madonna del Popolo is celebrated for its altar. Silk is manufactured, and there is a trade in grain and wine. Organic remains abound in the vicinity, and petrified wood is found in the adjoining hill of S. Bartolommeo. A treaty of peace was signed here in 1631, terminating the Mantuan war of succession between Austria and France. In April, 1796, after the battle of Mondovi, the French troops advanced upon Cherasco, which speedily surrendered, and the Sardinian commissioners concluded an armistice, preliminary to a treaty of peace with Napoleon. The French destroyed the ancient fortifications in 1801.


Cherson. See Kherson.

Chesterfield Inlet

Chesterfield Inlet, an arm branching from the N. W. angle of Hudson bay, British America, 250 m. long, and 25 m. across at its widest part. It receives the waters of several rivers, and contains numerous small islands.


Chetah. See Leopard.

Chevalier Deon

Chevalier D'Eon,. See Eon.

Cheviot Hills

Cheviot Hills, a mountain range, extending about 35 m. from X. E. to S. W. between Northumberland, England, and Roxburghshire, Scotland. They afford good pasturage for sheep, and give their name to a tine breed of that animal. They were the scene of many bloody battles between the Scotch and English, the most famous of which is that immortalized in the celebrated ballad of " Chevy Chase." Cheviot peak, 15 m. E. of Jedburgh, is 2,677 ft. high.


Chiaramonte, a town of Sicily, in the province and 30 m. W. of Syracuse; pop. about 7,200. It stands on a spur of the mountain range extending between Castrogiovanni and Noto, and the former Capuchin convent commands one of the finest views in Sicily. The town has a well preserved feudal castle. The vicinity produces good wine.