Christian Von Palmer

Christian Von Palmer, a German theologian, born at Winnenden, near Stuttgart, Jan. 27, 1811. He completed his studies in Tubingen, became professor in 1852, and in 1853 was ennobled. In 1869 he was vice president of the national synod of Wurtemberg, and in 1870 was elected to the diet. He is a representative of the so-called conciliatory theology. His principal works are: Evangelische Homi-letik (Stuttgart, 1842; 5th ed., 1867); Evan-gelische Katechetik (1844; 5th ed., 1864); Evangelische Padagogik (1852; 4th ed., 1869); Evangelische Pastoraltheologie (1860; 2d ed., 1861); Die Moral des Ghristenthums (1864); Evangelische Gasualreden (4 vols., 4th ed., 1864-'5); and Evangelische Hymnologie (1865).

Christians Of Saint Thomas

See Christians of St. Thomas.

Christians Of St Thomas

See Christians of St. Tiiomas.


Christiansted, a town, capital of the island of St. Croix and of the Danish West Indies; pop. about 6,000. It has a good harbor, defended by Fort Christiansvarn, and a battery, contains a Danish and an English church, and a bank, and is the chief entrepot of commerce with Copenhagen.


Christiansund, a seaport town of Norway, in the province and 85 m. S. W. of Drontheim, on the North sea, at the mouth of the Thingve fiord; lat. 63° 10' N.; pop. in 1866, 5,709. It is built upon three islands, Kirkland, Nord-land, and Inland, which enclose a singularly pretty harbor, in form almost circular. The view of the town is completely shut off on the seaward side. The houses, uniformly red and of wood, are grouped together in picturesque disorder. The place is thriving, the trade being chiefly in cured fish (cod), which is exported hence to Spain and the Mediterranean, also to the West Indies. It was founded in 1734 by Christian VI. of Denmark.


Christina, queen of Spain. See Maria Christina.

Christoph Cellarus

Christoph Cellarus, a German scholar, born at Smalcald, Nov. 22, 1638, died in Halle, June 4, 1707. He devoted himself so closely to the study of the oriental languages and literature, that it is related of him that during the 14 years he was professor of history and eloquence at the university of Halle, he only once went out for a walk. He edited more than 20 Greek and Latin classical works, and wrote several volumes on the grammar, geography, history, and languages of oriental countries.

Christoph Daniel Ebeling

Christoph Daniel Ebeling, a German scholar, born near Hildesheim, Hanover, in 1741, died in Hamburg, June 30, 1817. He was noted for his extensive knowledge of oriental languages, of classic and foreign literature, and of history and geography. One of his publications was a history and geography of North America (7 vols., Hamburg, 1796-1816), forming a continuation of Busching's general geography, for which he received a vote of thanks from the United States congress. He paid special attention to the geography of the new world, and collected about 10,000 maps and nearly 4,000 books, all relating to America. This library is now in Harvard college.