See Harmony.

Countess Dash

Countess Dash, the pseudonyme of a French authoress, born in Paris about 1805, died there, Sept. 9, 1872. She was a daughter of M. de Courteras, and married the marquis de St. Mars. Reverses of fortune made her seek a literary career; and on her remarking that she wished to write under an assumed name, that of her favorite dog " Dash " was suggested, which she adopted. Her first work, Le jeu de la reine, was published in 1839. Prominent among her works are La belle aux yeux d'or (1860), Les galanteries de la cour de Louis, XVe and La sorciere du roi (1861), Le naindu diable (1862), Les dernieres amours de Mme. Dubarry (1864), and La bague empoisonnee (1866). A collection of her works was published in 1864, in 34 volumes.

Countess De Balbi

Countess De Balbi, a favorite of the count de Provence, afterward Louis XVIII., born in 1753, died in Paris about 1836. She was the daughter of the marquis de Caumont de la Force, and was lady in waiting to the countess de Pr3vence, and the wife of the Genoese count de Balbi, who became insane in consequence of her misconduct. The count de Provence continued to lavish vast amounts upon her even after the smallpox had destroyed her beauty. After the outbreak of the revolution she persuaded him to leave France, but he subsequently discarded her, and she was expelled from many capitals on account of her dissipation and intrigues. On her return to France she was exiled to Montauban, where she established a gambling house. She died in obscurity.

Countess Of Richmond

See Beaufort, Margaret.

Countess Rossi Sontag Henriette

Countess Rossi Sontag Henriette, a German singer, born in Coblentz, Jan. 3, 1806, died in Vera Cruz, Mexico, June 18, 1854. She appeared upon the stage in children's parts as early as her sixth year, at 15 made her debut at Prague in Boieldieu's "John of Paris," and soon rose to a foremost place among European vocalists. In 1828 she privately married Count Rossi, an Italian nobleman, and in 1830 retired from the stage. She was induced by her husband's pecuniary misfortunes to resume her profession in 1849, sang for several seasons in Europe, then made a successful tour in the United States, and died while returning from a professional visit to Mexico.

Counties Washita

See Ouachita.


Courbevoie, a village of France, in the department of the Seine, opposite Neuilly, on the railway from Paris to Versailles; pop. in 1866, 9,862. It is built amphitheatrically, has several manufactories and bleaching grounds, and large barracks built by Louis XV. Engagements took place here, April 2-7, 1871, between the troops and the communists.


Courcelles, a village of France, in the department of the Moselle, 4 m. S. E. of Metz. A battle was fought here, Aug. 14, 1870, between the Germans under Steinmetz and the French under Bazaine. Each side lost heavily, the Germans remaining masters of the field. (See Metz).