Dividing Engine

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Dixon, a N. E. county of Nebraska, separated from Dakota on the N. E. by the Missouri river, and watered by several streams; area, 700 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,345. The surface is level. The soil rests upon limestone rock, and is fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 27,923 bushels of wheat, 19.725 of Indian corn, 11,135 of potatoes, and 4,574 tons of hay. The total value of live stock was $96,511. Capital, Ponca.

Dmitri Petrovitch Buturlin

Dmitri Petrovitch Buturlin, a Russian military writer, born in St. Petersburg in 1790, died near there, Oct. 21, 1850. He participated as an officer in the campaign of 1809 against Austria, and that of 1812 against Napoleon, and attended as Russian military agent that of the duke of Angouleme in Spain in 1823. He afterward became major general, and in the war of 1828-'9 against Turkey he was quartermaster general. He is especially known by his works on the campaign in Italy in 1799 (1810), that of 1813 in Germany (anonymous, 1815), the peninsular war (1817), the Russian campaigns in the 18th century (4 vols., 1820), the campaign of 1812 in Russia (2 vols., 1824), and on Russia in the beginning of the 17th century (3 vols., 1839-'46). He published his earlier works in French, and the later in Russian.


Dmitrov, a town of Russia, in the government and 40 m. N. of the city of Moscow; pop. in 1867, 8,042. It has a college, a convent, and several churches, and manufactories of cotton, woollen, linen, and silk goods, and leather. An annual fair, lasting a week, is held here. The town covers considerable ground, much of it occupied by gardens, but the houses generally are poor.

Dn Cange

See Du Canoe.

Dnke Of Taranto

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Doab (Sanskrit, two waters), a name given in Hindostan to any tract included between two rivers. It is especially applied to that lying between the Ganges and the Jumna, and when applied to other similar districts is joined with some distinctive appellation, as the Jul-lunder Doab, between the Beas and the Sut-lej, and the Rukna Doab, between the Ravee and the Chenaub. The Doab is a large tract reaching from Allahabad in the south to Saha-runpoor in the north, and forming the finest and most fertile part of the province of Agra. It contains many thriving towns, and the whole territory has been brought into a highly productive state by a system of irrigation. It has a British military station and a strong fort.

Dobberan, Or Doberan

Dobberan, Or Doberan, a watering place of Germany, in the grand duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, on the Baltic, 9 m. W. N. W. of Rostock; pop. about 4,000. It contains two palaces, with fine pleasure grounds, a theatre and other places of recreation, and one of the most remarkable Gothic churches of northern Germany. The bathing establishment is three miles from the town, at the Heilige Dam, a huge embankment said to have been thrown up by the sea in a single night.