Ferdinand Bol

Ferdinand Bol, a Dutch painter and etcher, born at Dort in 1611, died in Amsterdam in 1081 or in 1686. He was the pupil of Rembrandt, and is best known by his admirable portraits in the style of that master, though he likewise executed historical paintings. Many of his works are still to be seen at Amsterdam.

Ferdinand Charles De Lasteyrie

Ferdinand Charles De Lasteyrie, count, a French archaeologist, born in Paris in 1810. He is a son of Count Charles Philibert de Lasteyrie-Dusaillant (1759-1849), author of many works on natural history, industry, and education. He was an aide-de-camp of Lafayette in 1830, and was employed in the civil service till 1842, when he became a deputy; and from May, 1848, to Dec. 2, 1851, he was a member of the constituent and legislative assemblies. His principal work, Histoire de la peinture sur verre d'apres ses monuments en France (fob, 1837-58), received an academical prize. - His cousin, the marquis Adrien Jules de Lasteyrie, born in 1810, is a grandson of Lafayette on his mother's side. He protected the duchess of Orleans on Feb. 24, 1848, when she visited the chamber of deputies of which he was a member. He subsequently sat in the assembly till Dec. 2, 1851. In February, 1871, he was elected to the national assembly as a partisan of Thiers.

Ferdinand David

Ferdinand David, a German musician, born in Hamburg, Jan. 19, 1810, died in July, 1873. At 13 he commenced the study of the violin under Spohr, and two years later made a musical tour with his sister, afterward known as the pianist Louise Dulcken, playing successfully at Dresden, Leipsic, Berlin, and Copenhagen. In 1826 he was appointed first violinist at the theatre royal, Berlin. In 1829 he went in the same capacity to Dorpat, where he also conducted a musical society, and became known as an able orchestral leader. He made a tour through Russia, and in 1836 became concert master under Mendelssohn at Leipsic. On the formation of the Leipsic conservatory he became a teacher there, and sent out many remarkable young violinists. During the intervals of teaching he visited many capitals, and took rank with the first musicians. He has written concertos, romances,- melodies, symphonies, and a comic opera, Hans Wacht.

Ferdinand Eckstein

Ferdinand Eckstein, baron d', a French publicist, born of Jewish parents in Denmark in 1790, died in November, 1861. He became a convert to Catholicism, took part in the campaigns of 1812-14, held various offices under the Bourbons in France, who conferred on him the title of baron, and retired from public life in 1830. From 1826 to 1829 he conducted a periodical, Le Catholique, in which he advocated the religious views of De Maistre and De Bo-nald. Among other works he published De l'Espagne, Des Jesuites, De l'Europe, and Des sources de l'opinion publique en Europe. He was an orientalist, and at his death was engaged on a Histoire des origines de l'humanite.