Franfoise Bertant De Motteyille

Franfoise Bertant De Motteyille, a French authoress, born about 1621, died Dec, 29, 1689. She was brought up at the court of Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII.; but as Richelieu objected to the influence of her mother, who was of Spanish origin, she went with her parents to Normandy. She married in 1639 the octogenarian Langlois de Motteville, after whose death she rejoined Anne, now queen regent, in 1643, in whose service she remained until the death of the latter in 1666. Sainte-Beuve praises her tact and sagacity and her spotless life. Her Memoires (5 vols., Amsterdam, 1723; new ed., 6 vols., 1739; 11 vols. Paris, 1822-'3) are regarded as the best authority on the history of the Froude and the minority of Louis XIV., and are classed by Marmontel next to those of Mme, de Lafayette as the best works written by a woman.

Franks Do Montmorency


Franris Charles Massingberd

Franris Charles Massingberd, an English clergyman, born in Lincolnshire in 1800, died at South Ormsby, in that county, in Decem-ber, 1872. he graduated at Magdalen college, Oxford, in 1822, took orders, and became rector of South Ormsby in 1825. In 1847 he became a prebendary of Lincoln, and in 1862 was appointed chancellor of the cathedral. For many years he was zealously occupied in the effort to revive the active powers of the convocation in the church of England. His principal publications are: '•History of the English Reformation " (3d ed., 1857); "Law of the Church and State" (1857); and " Lectures on the Prayer Book" (1864). He also published several letters and pamphlets.

Frans Cornelis Donders

Frans Cornelis Donders, a Dutch physician, born at Tilburg, May 27, 1818. He studied at the university of Utrecht, practised at the Hague, and for many years has resided at Utrecht, where he has established an institution for treating diseases of the eye, with a physiological laboratory, completed in 18G7. His system of treating ophthalmic diseases is set forth in his elaborate work. Die Lehre ton den Augenbewequngen (Utrecht, 1847). Among his other works are De leer der stofwisseling als bron der eigenwarmte (1845), Natuurkunde van den Mensch (Ger. translation, 2d ed.. Leip-sic, 1859); Ueber die Natur der Vocale(1858): and "Anomalies of Accommodation and Refraction " (published in English by the Sydenham society; Ger. translation, Vienna, 18G6).

Franz Brendel

Franz Brendel, a German writer on music, born at Stolberg, Nov. 26, 1811, died in Leip-sic, Nov. 25, 1868. He was successively the editor of the Neue Zeitschrift far Musik and teacher at the conservatory of Leipsic, and published Die Musik der Gegenwart (1854), Geschichte der Musik in Deutschland, Italien und Franhreich (4th ed., 2 vols., 1868), and other works. He was a follower of Wagner.

Franz Dingelstedt

Franz Dingelstedt, a German poet and novelist, born at Halsdorf, in Hesse, June 30, 1814. Having studied theology and philology, and served as a professor at Cassel and Fulda, he became in 1850 intendant of the royal theatre at Munich, and in 1867 director of the royal opera house in Vienna. He has published collections of poems entitled Lieder eines hosmopolitischen Nachtwachters (1840), Gedichte (1845), and Nacht und Morgen (1851), and a number of romances, dramas, and books of travel. In 1840 he married Jenny Lutzer, a celebrated singer. DINGO. See Dog.