George Wingrove Cooke

George Wingrove Cooke, an English lawyer and author, born in Bristol about 1814, died at Chelsea, June 18, 1865. He studied at the London university, in Oxford, and at the Middle Temple, and was called to the bar in 1835. He was for a time the political editor of the "Atlas" newspaper, and in 1857-8 was a special correspondent of the "Times" in China. In 1850 and 1851 he was an unsuccessful candidate for parliament. In 1863 he was appointed tithe, copyhold, and enclosure commissioner, in which department he had previously been long employed as a law-ver. Besides several legal works, he published "Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke" (1835), "Life of the Earl of Shaftesbury" (1836), "History of Party "(1836), "Inside Sebastopol" (1856), "China in 1857-'8" (1858), and "Conquest and Colonization of North Africa "(1860).

Georges Chambray

Georges Chambray, marquis de, a French soldier and author, born in Paris in 1783, died about 1850. He belonged to an ancient Norman family, and received the highest military education. He served in the Napoleonic wars, and was captured by the Russians, who banished him to the Ukraine, where he remained till the fall of Napoleon. From 1823 to 1829 he filled various military positions. His writings include Philosophic de la guerre (1827; 2d ed., 1829; continuation, 1835), and Histoire de l'expedition de Russie (2 vols., 1833; new ed., 3 vols., 1835), which acquired a European reputation.

Georges Henri Gottlieb Jahr

Georges Henri Gottlieb Jahr, a French physician, born in Gotha, Germany, Jan. 30, 1801. After studying under Hahnemann, he took his degree of M. D. in Paris in 1840, and became a permanent resident of that city. Many of his numerous works have been published both in French and German, and translated into English by Hempel and others. Among them are treatises on the homoeopathic treatment of cholera, of nervous and mental diseases, diseases of the skin, etc, and a "Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia."

Georges Mouton

See Lobau.

Georges Rouget

Georges Rouget, a French painter, born in Paris in 1781, died in 1869. He assisted David in many of his celebrated works, and copied his "Coronation of Napoleon" so faithfully that his picture has been sold as the original. Among his best known works are "The Death of St. Louis," "Francis I. pardoning the Insurgents of La Rochelle," "Henry IV. at the Siege of Paris," "The Abjuration of Henry IV.," "The Marriage of Napoleon and Maria Louisa," and "The Death of Napoleon".

Georgt Henry Boker

Georgt Henry Boker, an American dramatist and poet, born in Philadelphia in 1824. He graduated at Princeton college in 1842, studied law, but did not pursue the profession, and in 1817 published the "Lesson of Life and other Poems." Next he wrote "Calaynos, a Tragedy." which at once extended his reputation, and was successfully played in London. His next production was "Anne Boleyn," which was succeeded by the tragedies of "Leonor de Guzman" and "Francesca da Rimini." He published two volumes of "Plays and Poems" at Boston in 1850, and during the civil war produced many patriotic poems, which were collected in one volume entitled "Poems of the War'1 (Boston, 1864). He was appointed minister resident at Constantinople in 1871.