Ground Hog

Ground Hog ,.See Woodchuck.

Ground Nut

Ground Nut ,.See Peanut.

Ground Pine

Ground Pine ,.See Mares Tail.

Ground Squirrel

Ground Squirrel ,.See Chipmunk.


Groveton ,.See Bull Run.


Grunberg , a town of Prussian Silesia, in the government of Liegnitz, 50 m. S. E. of Frankfort-on-the-Oder; pop. in 1871, 11,091. It is walled and surrounded by suburbs. Its environs arc noted for their vineyards. It manufactures woollens, linens, printed cottons, silk goods, leather, and champagne wine.


Gruyere , or Grnyercs (Ger. Greyerz), a village of Switzerland, in the canton and 15 m. S. by W. of the city of Fribourg; pop. about 1,000. It stands on a hill crowned by an ancient and very perfect feudal castle, and gives name to a celebrated kind of cheese. (See Cheese, vol. iv., p. 352.)

Guadalupe, Or Gnadalupe Hidalgo

Guadalupe, Or Gnadalupe Hidalgo a small town in the republic and federal district of Mexico, about 3 m. N. of the capital, with which it communicates by two beautiful parallel roads. It owes its importance to its church, situated at the foot of the Cerro de Tepeyac, and dedicated to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, the patron saint of the republic, who is there represented by a gorgeous image, and whose reputed power of working miracles attracts immense numbers of pilgrims from all parts of the country. Her feast is celebrated annually with great pomp. After the defeat of Santa Anna's troops by the American forces, the treaty of peace was signed at Guadalupe, Feb. 2, 1848.


Guadiana , (anc. Anas), a river of Spain, rising on the N. side of the Sierra Alcaraz, in La Mancha, and falling into the Atlantic between the Spanish town of Ayamonte and the Portuguese town of Castro Marim. It flows first N. W., and after several windings enters Estrema-dura, which it traverses in a westerly direction, passes Badajoz, and forms altogether 60 m. of the boundary between Spain and Portugal. In the Portuguese province of Alemtejo it forms a cataract called the Salto del Lobo (wolfs leap), a narrow passage between the Sierra Abeloeira and the Sierra de Caldeirao. It is navigable above the Chanza. Length about 380 m.


Guadix , an old city of Spain, in the province and 42 m. E. N. E. of the city of Granada, on the N. declivity of the Sierra Nevada; pop. about 11,000. It was once a place of considerable strength, and is still surrounded with walls, and is said to be the oldest bishopric in Spain. It has manufactories of silk, sail cloth, cutlery, and earthenware.


Gualeyguay ,.I. A river of the Argentine Republic, which rises in the mountains in the centre of the province of Entre-Rios, flows S. and S. W., unites with the Pabon, and falls into the Parana, after a course of about 150 m. It is navigable by schooners to the town of Gualeyguay, 40 m. from its mouth. II. A town on the left bank of the river, 120 m. N. by W. of Buenos Ayres; pop. about 8,000. It is in the midst of an extensive sheep and cattle district, is growing rapidly, and has an active trade in hides, wool, timber, and firewood.