Gulf Of Nicoya

Gulf Of Nicoya, a bay of Costa Rica on the Pacific ocean, formed by the peninsula of Ni-coya, the S. point of which, Cape Blanco, is in lat. 9° 37' K, Ion. 85° 7' W. Its mouth, between Capes Blanco and Herradura, is about 30 m. wide, and the gulf extends N. about 55 m. It contains many islands, of which the principal are Chira, Venado, Bejuco, Castillo, and San Lucar; and numerous streams empty into it, the largest being the Rio Grande on the east and the Tempisque on the north. Punta Arenas, on the E. side of the gulf, is the only port of entry of Costa Rica on the Pacific.

Gulf Of Sidra

See Syrtis.

Gulf Of Tonquin

Gulf Of Tonquin, an arm of the China sea, having the Anamese province of Tonquin on the west, the Chinese province of Quang-tung on the north and east, and the island of Hainan on the southeast; length, nearly 300 m.; average width, 150 m. The Sangkoi or Tonquin river flows into it. It has numerous islands. The typhoons are very violent in the gulf.

Gulf Of Venice

Gulf Of Venice, the name given to the N. W. part of the Adriatic sea, where it forms an indentation in the coast of Venetia, extending about 50 m. from the mouth of the Tagliamento to the delta of the Po. The gulf of Trieste is its N. E. prolongation. Its depth is not more than 12 fathoms. It receives the waters of the Piave, Brenta, Adige, Po di Levante, Po della Maestra, and other rivers.

Gulf Weed

Gulf Weed ,.See Atlantic Ocean, vol. ii., p. 79.

Gum Tree

Gum Tree ,.See Black Gum.


Gumbinnen , a town of Prussia, capital of a district of the same name, in the province of East Prussia, on the Pissa, 68 m. E. of Ko-nigsberg; pop. in 1871, 9,085. The town, lying on both sides of the river, is regularly built, and contains three Protestant churches, a public library, a school of midwifery, a gymnasium, and two hospitals. It has manufactories of woollen and linen cloth and hosiery, » 7 beer, and liquors, and a considerable trade in corn and cattle. Gumbinnen owes its prosperity largely to the fact that it gave asylum to Protestants, chiefly from Salzburg, who fled thither from persecution about the year 1732. Previously it was but an insignificant village.


Gumbo , a southern name, probably derived from the negroes, of a stew or soup, usually made of chicken, and thickened with the mucilaginous pods of the okra. When these cannot be obtained, sassafras pith or tapioca is used as a substitute. (See Okra.)


Gun ,.See Cannon, Musket, and Rifle.

Guns #1

Guns , (Hung. Koszeg), a town of Hungary, in the county of Vas, on a river of its name, 57 m. S. S. W. of Presburg; pop. in 1870, 6,915. It contains a palace of Prince Esterhazy, a Benedictine monastery, and several churches and educational establishments. Wool is largely manufactured, and there is considerable trade in wine and fruits, especially cherries. In 1532 it was besieged by Sultan Solyman the Magnificent, with 60,000 men, who made thirteen assaults on the fortifications, all of which were repulsed by a small Hungarian garrison, commanded by Nicholas Jurisich.