Hainal , a town of Prussia, in the province of Silesia, on the Deichsel, and on the railway from Frankfort-on-the-Oder to Breslau, 11 m. W. N. W. of Liegnitz; pop. about 4,500. It has manufactories of woollen and linen cloth, tile works, a shoe manufactory, and a market for horses. Here the Prussian cavalry defeated the French vanguard, May 26, 1813.

Hair Worm

Hair Worm , (gordius), the type of the long hair-like annelids of the order (gordiacea) of helminths or entozoa. These thread-like parasites in their larva state inhabit the bodies of various insects, especially beetles and grasshoppers; they have a mouth and alimentary canal, but no anus; the sexes are distinct, and when full grown they leave the bodies of their hosts to deposit their eggs in long chains in water or in moist earth. They look very much like long horse hairs, and have been popularly believed to be hairs transformed to worms. They often attain a length very much greater than that of the body of the insect they infest, occupying with their coils the larger part of its body. They can endure a great amount of dryness without perishing.


Hait-Rhin , (Upper Rhine), formerly a N. E. department of France, in Alsace, bordering on Switzerland and the grand duchy of Baden; area, 1,586 sq. m.; pop. in 1866, 530,285. By the treaty of May 10, 1871, between France and Germany, most of the department was ceded to Germany and now forms a portion of Alsace-Lorraine. (See Alsace.) The portion retained by France contains 235 sq. m., and in 1872 had a population of 56,781. It is called the territory of Belfort, from its capital.


Haizinger ,.I. Anton, a German vocalist, born at Wilfersdorf, Austria, in 1796, died in Carlsruhe, Dec. 31, 1869. He acquired celebrity as a tenor, and on retiring from the stage about 1840 he became director at Carlsruhe of a musical school, which trained many fine artists. II. Amalie, wife of the preceding, born in Carlsruhe in 1800. Her family name was Morstadt, and after the death of her first husband, the actor Neumann, she married Hai-zinger. She became known as a comic actress in Carlsruhe, and since 1844 in Vienna.


Haje ,.See Asp, and Cobra de Capello.


Halas , a market town of Hungary, in the district of Little Cumania, about 75 m. S. S. E. of Pesth; pop. in 1870, 13,127. It has a Reformed gymnasium. The inhabitants are chiefly engaged in the breeding of cattle and the cultivation of the vine.


Halbkiggan a town of Ireland in the county and 18 m. N. N. E. of Dublin; pop. about 2,500. It is the seat of thriving manufactures of cotton goods and hosiery. The cotton stockings made here are remarkable for the fineness of their texture; many females are also employed in embroidering muslins. In 1780 Baron Hamilton, with the help of the Irish parliament, established cotton works here, and built a pier, to which an inner dock was afterward added by a member of the same family. The railroad crosses the harbor by a viaduct of 11 arches of 30 ft. span. Balbriggan is a favorite, watering place.