Hellespont , ((Gr. Hellespont 0800423 sea of Helle), in ancient geography, the narrow strait (now the Dardanelles) connecting the AEgean sea with the Propontis (sea of Marmora), and separating the Thracian Chersonesus (peninsula of Gallipoli) from Asia Minor. (See Darda-nelles, and Helle.)


Hellin , a town of Murcia, Spain, in the province and 35 m. S. by. E. of the city of Alba-cete, situated on the slope of the Segura mountain chain, near the E. bank of the Mundo; pop. about 10,000. It contains a large square and a number of smaller ones, a fine old parish church, and remains of a Roman castle. Trade is carried on in various goods manufactured here, in grain, wine, and silk, but chiefly in sulphur, from celebrated mines about 13 m. distant, which belong to the government, and were known to the Romans. Near the town is the hermitage of San Rosario, and at a dis-tance of about 6 m. the springs of Azaraque.


See Steering Apparatus.

Helmet Shell

Helmet Shell , (cassis), a genus of gastero-pod mollusks, separated by Lamarck from the Linna3an genus buccinum. About 40 species are described, living in shallow tropical seas in the East and West Indies, on the east coast of Africa, in the Pacific, and in the Mediterranean; nearly as many fossil species have been found in the eocene of Chili and France. The shell is ventricose, with irregular rows of protuberances on the whorls; spire short; aperture long, with the outer lip reflected and toothed, and the inner lip spread over the body whorl. The species are of considerable size, and many are used for the manufacture of cameos, the different colors of the layers of the shells rendering them well adapted for this purpose. In the C. cornuta the cameo would be white on an orange ground; in C. tuberosa and Madagas-cariensis (the queen conch of Madagascar), white on a dark claret color; in C. rufa, pale salmon color on orange. (See Cameo.)


Helminths ,.See Entozoa.

Helmstedt, Or Helmstadt

Helmstedt, Or Helmstadt a town of Germany, in the duchy and 21 m. E. of the city of Brunswick; pop. in 1871, 7,469. It contains five squares, two churches, a town house, a gymnasium, several schools, and three hospitals. The university of Helmstedt was founded in 1575 by Duke Julius of Brunswick, and for some time held a high rank among the schools of Germany, but was abolished in 1809. The chief manufactures are flannel, hats, soap, vinegar, and liqueurs. There is a trade in cattle.

Helmund, Or Helmend

Helmund, Or Helmend a river of Afghanistan, which rises between two ridges belonging to the offshots of the Hindoo Koosh, 35 m. W. of Cabool, upward of 10,000 ft. above the sea. After flowing S. W. for the greater part of its course, it gradually sweeps round to the northwest and west, enters the plain of Seistan, and flows by several branches into the lake of 11a-moon, or Zurrah. Its entire length is about 650 m. Its principal affluent is the united stream of the Urgundab and Turnuk, from the east. Even in dry seasons the Helmund has a considerable volume of water.