Hernosand ,.See Wester Norrland.


Hero ,.See Heron.

Hero #1

Hero , in Greek mythology, a priestess of Venus at Sestos, beloved by Leander, a native of Abydos. Leander used to swim across the Hellespont nightly to visit his mistress; but one tempestuous night he was drowned, and in the morning the billows cast his body on the shore. When Hero beheld it she threw herself into the sea.

Herod Agrippa II

Herod Agrippa II., a Jewish prince, son of the preceding, born about A. D. 27, died in 100. When his father died he was residing at the court of the emperor Claudius, who, instead of bestowing on him the dominions to which he was heir, detained him for four years at Rome. In 48 he received the small principality of Chaleis, to which additions were subsequently made. In 60 he went with his sister Berenice to Caesarea to salute Festus on his accession to the government of Judea, and St. Paul, a prisoner there, stated his case before him. Before the rebellion of the Jews from the Romans, he sought to reconcile them, and during the war he sided with the Romans. After the capture and destruction of Jerusalem he retired with Berenice to Rome.

Herodes Atticus

Herodes Atticus ,.See Atticus.


Herodian , a Greek writer on Roman history, supposed to have lived between A. D. 170 and 240. Nothing is known of his life, except that he resided for a long time in Italy. His work is entitled Herodian 0800452

Herodian 0800453 and contains the history of the reigns between A. D. 180 and 238. His style is formed on that of Thucydides, and though his chronology and geography are sometimes inaccurate, his narrative is generally clear and impartial. The best editions are those of Irmisch (5 vols., 1789-1805), F. A. Wolf (1792), and Bekker (1826).


Herostratus ,.See Erostratus.


Herrnhut ,.See Moravians.


Herstal , a town of Belgium, in the province and 3 m. X. E. of the city of Liege, on the left bank of the Meuse; pop. in 1866, 9,326. Various kinds of iron and steel ware, especially firearms, are manufactured in the town, which has also an establishment for the extraction of pyroligneous acid, a salt refinery, breweries, etc. In the neighborhood are many coal mines. Herstal was the home of Pepin the Fat, generally called Pepin of Heristal.

Heruli, Or Eruli

Heruli, Or Eruli a German tribe, which in the latter part of the 3d century appeared on the shores of the Euxine, having joined the Goths in their invasion of the Danubian provinces of the Roman empire. They were afterward conquered by the Ostrogoths, followed Attila on his march to Gaul (451), and after his death, uniting with other German tribes, destroyed the western empire under their leader Odoacer, who assumed the title of king of Italy (470), but finally succumbed to the Ostrogoths under Theodoric (403). Another kingdom of the Heruli, founded in the central part of modern Hungary, was destroyed by the Lombards. Part of them then removed to the south of the Danube, and the others emigrated to the shores of the Baltic.